March 29, 2018

12 Reasons Why Fitbox Method Works

When it comes to the Fitbox Method, this approach is more than exercise — it is a lifestyle workout.

With its development based on years of experience and scientific research, the Fitbox Method is not only fun and engaging — it works.

Here’s why!

12 Reasons the Fitbox Method Is So Effective

When looking for the ultimate workout methodology, the Fitbox Method rules supreme. Helping athletes of all training levels remain motivated and committed, here are 12 reasons to consider this method today.

  1. Workouts are short, yet effective. They are total body workouts that combine the best elements surrounding resistance training and cardio boxing.
  2. This method utilizes high-intensity interval training, which has been shown to improve health, boost fitness levels, combat body fat and so much more.
  3. Classes are fun. By incorporating cardio boxing, training becomes more of a lifestyle than a workout.
  4. Since the learning curve for cardio boxing is pretty well endless, trainees do not hit plateaus. By keeping things engaging and interesting, motivation levels remain high.
  5. Since workouts are 60 minutes and full of energy, participants feel confident, stronger and leaner in no time.
  6. The Fitbox Method is more than your average exercise regimen — it encourages trainees to choose a sport to meet their fitness needs.
  7. With high levels of support and encouragement, trainees benefit from experienced instructors. They learn the right techniques the first time, optimizing their workouts time and time again. This is why we love fitness boot camps.
  8. By incorporating various training methods, including cardio and circuit training, workouts are never repetitive or boring. Also, various parts of the body are challenged, supporting total body wellness.
  9. Focusing on methods that burn fat and build muscle, weight loss and increased power are just some of the achievable benefits.
  10. In many cases, workouts are carried out in a highly social environment. Meet with like-minded individuals who will further support your fitness goals. Fitbox Method provides a friendly environment with great energy!
  11. Methods are backed by science, helping trainees burn calories up to 38 hours after they workout.
  12. Fitbox Method is committed to the growth and development of class attendees. Teaching individuals how to improve their unique skills allows for sustained progression.

Ready to conquer your workout goals? Be sure to check out Fitbox Method today!