Box Your Way to a
Leaner Body

Find out why Fitbox Method is the most fun, 2-for-1 total body workout in Miami

The fitbox method formula to the ultimate body

    Cardio Boxing
  • Resistance
  • Airdyne AD Pro
    Fan Bike
  • Rock Star

The Fitbox Method is a fun, 2-for-1 total body workout that combines the best of cardio boxing and resistance training through a series of high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines in a 60-minute, high energy circuit class.

Try Miami’s ultimate total body workout

NEED TO GET INTO SHAPE SUPER FAST? Transform your body with our challenge!

Brief Challenge Summary:

1. 30 days duration – $198 participation fee (*1) (includes classes)

2. Challenge requires a 5x week attendance rate (members can add classes)

3. 30 day challenge meal plan

Challenge Winners Earn:

1. New body & Spirit! A true transformation! Fit Status!

2. $200 in class package credits

(*1) Participation fee of $198 is available for new clients only. Existing clients will pay the normal rate for classes needed.

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