March 22, 2018

5 Tips for Surviving a 30-Day Challenge

Participating in a 30-day challenge is a great way to jumpstart metabolism and make some serious changes quickly. A person’s body can transform in very little time when using the right program and sticking to it. These tips will help anyone form a dedicated habit to survive 30 days and keep the momentum going.

1. Organize Workout Time

A well-thought-out plan only serves a person well if they stick to it. Using a planner or personal calendar can help organize a person’s day to ensure that workouts get the priority they deserve. A 30-day challenge gives participants a daily goal, but they need to make sure they put the time in. Scheduling workout time puts the focus front and center, so the workout gets done every day.

2. Become an Early Bird

Too many times a person will have the best of intentions, only to run out of time by the end of the day to complete them. Working out early or, ideally, first thing in the morning means no worries about having enough time after a busy day. Plus, revving up the metabolism early in the day keeps the fat-burning process going longer.

3. Use a Checklist as a Visual Aid

It’s easy for most people to stick to a routine (even if it’s only for 30 days) if they can see exactly what they need to do. Along with organizing workout time, using a checklist to tick off accomplishments or to act as a reminder can be a wonderful way to see what they have done, how far they’ve come and what else they need to make it to day 30.

4. Recruit Exercise Buddies for Accountability

Doing anything alone can make it seem more difficult to accomplish. Recruiting a partner will provide that extra push and accountability to make it to each workout and give the best effort. Competitive people may find this tip useful and can make it a game to see which person can best the other. The one who doesn’t show up loses!

5. Take “Before” Pics and Measurements

A big part of success is seeing the results. To make that easier, 30-day challenge participants should take photos and measurements on day 1 to compare to the body they’ll have on day 30. These can even be incorporated into a visual aid for inspiration as the days go by.

Thirty days isn’t a very long time. Make every day count with these great tips. Fitbox Method offers many classes to help you get into shape, we offer:

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