Box Your Way to a
Leaner Body

Find out why Fitbox Method is the most fun, 2-for-1 total body workout in Miami

The fitbox method formula to the ultimate body

    Cardio Boxing
  • Resistance
  • Airdyne AD Pro
    Fan Bike
  • Rock Star

The Fitbox Method is a fun, 2-for-1 total body workout that combines the best of cardio boxing and resistance training through a series of high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines in a 60-minute, high energy circuit class.

Try Miami’s ultimate total body workout

NEED TO GET INTO SHAPE SUPER FAST? Transform your body with our challenge!


We are looking for 30 participants who are looking to dramatically transform their bodies and lives.

This is REAL training, REAL nutrition, for REAL and LASTING results. But you’re going to have to work, and we are going to push you and hold you accountable to yourself.

So we’re looking for motivated weight loss ambassadors who value their bodies enough to take a stand against the foo-foo and put in the work to get RESULTS THAT LAST.

What you get:

✔️Personal Custom Meal Plan to eliminate guesswork
✔️Personal Grocery List to save time and money and make it crazy easy
✔️Personal Accountability coach so it feels like you have a motivational speaker waking you up every morning to get your behind in the gym
✔️3 Cutting Edge Workouts PER WEEK WITH A PERSONAL TRAINER AT OUR GYM designed to tone your body and jumpstart your metabolism and give you an explosion of energy
✔️World Class Online Support Group with 24hrs accountability

That being said, this is for MOTIVATED people ONLY. If you have gotten to that point where enough is enough, we would love to have you !

🔥You hate fun
🔥You love excuses
🔥You don’t play nice with others
🔥You are not motivated to change your body and life (for real)