March 27, 2018

8 Benefits of Fitbox Method

Boxing has become a popular workout in the past few years. It comes with half-a-dozen health benefits, including stress relief, weight loss and an increase in self-esteem. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to box?

1. Stress Relief

One of the biggest benefits of boxing is stress relief. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, boxing can help to reduce stress. For one, exercise is known to release endorphins, a chemical that is associated with happiness. Boxing is also known for its meditative qualities as well.

2. High-Intensity Cardio

In order to complete a typical round of boxing training, you need to continually hit a bag over and over. You’re forced to punch your arms across your body, which also keeps your waist moving. According to FitFluential, boxing exercising can be similar to sprints when it comes to keeping your heart rate up.

3. Self-Protection

Whether you’re boxing for the health benefits or training for a fight, you’ll glean some self-protection benefits from boxing. Your muscle memory will imprint your weekly lesson upon your brain, and you might find yourself calling upon your killer instincts when you least expect it.

4. Increased Strength

It takes a decent amount of core, leg and upper body strength to box. You’ll need to repeat kicks and punches over and over during one round of training. Many boxers experience increased strength after even just a few Boot Camp sessions.

5. Increased Hand-Eye Coordination

You need to stay focused during training to remember the sequences of punches, jabs and kicks. This can bleed over into everyday life. You might find that you suddenly have a better command of your physical space.

6. Lose Weight

You can burn over 800 calories in a typical hour of boxing—that’s the number of calories in a turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and carrots. If you add boxing to your exercise routine even once a week, you’ll see the pounds melt away.

7. Better Self-Esteem

All of this self-defense training, increased strength and weight loss can also lead to better self-esteem. You’ll feel better, look great and have more confidence after the first few weeks.

8. Bragging Rights

At the very least, you’ll be able to brag to your friends and family about your new skills. You might even be able to teach them a thing or two about what you’ve learned in the ring.

The Fitbox Method

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