January 2, 2019

Ab-solutely ABulous!

Six-pack Abs — perhaps, the greatest buzz word in diet AND fitness. And, we can understand why! Who doesn’t want to bust through the bulge, destroy the muffin-top, and achieve a washboard stomach?!

And, for as popular as ab workouts can be — how do you know which plan to follow? There are literally thousands of workouts, trainers, & “get quick fixes” out there promising to make your core ripple.

But, before you can speak about ab workouts — you need to know how your core works. In fact, did you know that the ab muscles not only support the trunk of your body, but also hold organs in place by regulating internal abdominal pressure?

In fact, every human being has abs (even if you can’t see them) — which means that every human being can build better ones, too!

Human anatomy is composed of four different abdominal muscles: external obliques (the outer layer of abs on your sides); internal obliques (just under the external obliques); rectus abdominis (two paired sheets of muscle from the ribs to the pelvis that flex you forward); and transverses abdominis (the deepest ab muscle which wraps around your waist to support the spine).

Having a strong core creates a foundation for every activity that we engage with. All of our movements are powered by our mid-frame — the abdominals and the back work together to support the spine when we sit, stand, bend over, pick things up, exercise and more!

So, yes — everyone has abs, but if we all have existing muscle why are abs the “holy grail” of the workout community? And, why do everyone’s differ? Genetics, diet & lifestyle influence just how much muscle definition you have. Unfortunately, it won’t matter how strong and muscular you are if there is a layer of fat keeping your abs concealed. To burn body fat & reveal your ab-tastic core, proper diet & exercise must be maintained.

But, what exercises are best? Any exercise that you can fit into your schedule and incorporates an ab-centric portion to its programming. In fact, while five minutes of exercise a day isn’t enough to reveal your abs — it is all you need to dedicate to targeted core training.

At Fitbox Method,our fun and friendly circuit training classes are easier on the body than traditional weightlifting, yet our total body workout is second to none. As a Miami fitness gym, we blend cardio, cycling, weightlifting, boxing and resistance training through high-intensity interval training and targeted abdominal workouts. Fitbox Method elevates your body’s metabolism, and creates “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC) that helps you to burn more than 1000 calories per class & help you achieve the mid-section of your dreams!

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