April 10, 2018

Basic Punch Combinations: Working Up to Fitness with Boxing

Cardio boxing is a powerful fitness tool that gets the blood pumping, and methods that combine high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with fun, proactive workouts that get the job done in 60 minutes are proven to work long-term. Function definitely follows form, though, and safety comes first, which means mastering at least some basic punch combinations.

The Benefits of Joining a Miami Boxing Gym

Boxing is an aerobic sport, so it boosts the cardiovascular system and promotes heart health. It also improves overall body strength and can be a great stress reducer for many people; whether individuals are pounding it out on a bag or learning to spar, they are activating chemicals in the body that help beat down anxiety and even depression. Participating in the sport in the right way is important to safety, though, which is why a Miami gym membership can be a good investment.

Information about Basic Punches

It’s a good idea to master one or two punches before trying to incorporate new moves into a workout, but adding those moves is important. The best benefits of boxing workouts come when individuals are able to put multiple muscle groups to work.

Almost all punch combos are made up of four basic punches.

  • The Jab. A straight punch that typically comes from the lead (or front) hand. The individual can step into the punch to put more power into it. A jab is short and fast.
  • The Cross. This punch comes from the rear hand (the one a person holds in back in a defensive stance) and is typically more powerful than a jab because there’s more room to put movement behind it.
  • The Hook. A hook punch doesn’t come in straight; it usually comes in from the side with the arm in a hook shape.
  • The Uppercut. An uppercut is a punch that comes up from below, and often necessitates that the individual move into a crouch or other lower position to punch up at something.

On their own, no basic punch equates to a workout. By combining them into series of moves, completely with footwork and movement through the entire body, the Fit Box Method creates comprehensive workouts that encourage physical fitness and fun.