Box Your Way to a
Leaner Body

Find out why Fitbox Method is the most fun, 2-for-1 total body workout in Miami

The fitbox method formula to the ultimate body

    Cardio Boxing
  • Resistance
  • Airdyne AD Pro
    Fan Bike
  • Rock Star

The Fitbox Method is a fun, 2-for-1 total body workout that combines the best of cardio boxing and resistance training through a series of high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines in a 60-minute, high energy circuit class.

Try Miami’s ultimate total body workout

Experience the most revolutionary workout in the world. Our one-hour circuit training classes are a unique blend of instructor-led, non-contact cardio boxing, resistance training, and cutting-edge, calorie-shredding Schwinn Airdyn AD Pro Fan Bikes

The Studio Inception Experience – Our studio is built to create a new high energy experience! From ambient lighting to our music selection.

Fitbox Method will change your view on working out — it will become a lifestyle hobby you look forward to rather than a workout routine.

How many times can you lift weights the same old way? With the Fitbox Method, you have a life long learning curve that will NEVER let you plateau.

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