May 22, 2018

How the Fitbox Method Workout Is Different and More Effective

There are literally dozens of different workout programs and gyms in Miami, but the Fitbox Method workout is the only one that combines HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), cardio boxing, boot camp-style resistance training and circuit training. Unlike other workout programs that feel repetitive and have participants plateau at just three months, the Fitbox Method is designed to keep everyone motivated and on the path to meeting their fitness goals.

What Is the Fitbox Method?

The Fitbox Method is made up of four major components, including:


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a workout method that alternates between short, but strategic, bursts of intense cardio training and short recovery periods that include less intense training. Interval training, like HIIT, is known to burn more calories (an average of 700 to 1,000 calories per class) than standard endurance fitness programs. HIIT also causes the after-burn effect, also known as excess post-exercise consumptions (EPOC), which enables your body to burn calories for up to an additional 38 hours after your workout is complete.

Cardio Boxing

Unlike the sport of boxing, cardio boxing does not focus on the fighting aspect, but rather strength and training. The 30-minute heavy bag training class helps to build muscle, increase strength, boost balance and coordination, and more.

Fitness Boot Camp

The Fitbox Method inclusion of boot camp-style resistance training helps to overcome one of the primary obstacles of a boxing-only program. By combining resistance training with boxing, participants can lose fat faster and build more muscle then if they solely relied on boxing training.

Circuit Training

Many Miami gyms offer circuit training, but the Fitbox Method program is designed with a HIIT strategy to maximize the benefits. The continuous rotation of exercises helps to maintain motivation and prevent boredom.

Motivation at Its Best

No program, even the Fitbox Method, will be effective if the participants are not motivated to stick with it. This is where the Fitbox Method excels. Every trainer is hand-selected based on their vast fitness experience, knowledge of the Fitbox Method and desire to help others succeed. With this program, participants never feel alone, as the Fitbox Method professional trainers are there to encourage, motivate and to make sure all participants are performing the proper technique. This level of oversight helps to make sure every participant gets the most out of every workout and that everyone stays motivated

The Fitbox Method is more than just a specialized workout program — it’s a lifestyle. Learn more about the Fitbox Method and find out how to make it a new lifestyle for you.