June 21, 2018

How to Overcome or Avoid Obesity and Bullying by Building Confidence

Developing self-confidence can be challenging, especially in terms of one’s weight. Unfortunately, obesity often leads to bullying, which in turn further damages self-esteem. Although this is a vicious cycle, there is a solution — one that will support self-love and positive health.

By increasing self-confidence, individuals can overcome symptoms of obesity and stop bullies in their tracks.

The Link Between Obesity, Confidence, and Social Stigmas

It is well understood that obesity leads to a lack of self-confidence, particularly among children and teens. Unfortunately, the social environment of these youths often makes them prime targets for bullying. Once self-confidence sets in, it can lead to reduced self-love, hindering levels of motivation.

The key is being confident, which will allow individuals to achieve their key goals. In this case, individuals may want to address their weight and overall health. By taking action, they can begin to develop a positive self-image — which continues to fuel positive action and higher levels of confidence.

Put simply, the greater one’s self-confidence, the more likely someone is to succeed. Growing confidence encourages people to take greater risks, especially when there are big rewards. In this case, the reward would be a positive body image and higher levels of confidence.

How to Take Action, Today!

Individuals can eliminate personal insecurities when they choose to take action. For those who struggle with their weight, selecting key lifestyle changes can make all the difference. An overhaul of one’s diet will likely be required, in addition to more physical activity.

When taking part in an action-packed fitness class, for instance, individuals will not only address weight-related issues but also benefit from positive encouragement. For some people, all it takes is one person to help them ‘see the light’ — encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.

As bullied individuals are exposed to positive encouragement, they become less fearful. Not only do they begin to stand up for themselves, but they will be more willing to try something they may have never considered before. They learn to say ‘yes’ to opportunities, instead of hiding from the unknown.

As confidence builds, limits are stretched. What once seemed impossible will now be attainable. Exercise makes people feel good, and when they feel their best, everything else seems to fall into place.

After all, “A little progress each day, adds up to BIG results.”