April 29, 2019

Passing The Plateau … Again

We’ve all been there before! You consistently put the time, effort and work into a fitness regime. You are careful about your diet & your results appear to be right on track. Until, you hit that dreaded, plateau. Suddenly, you are no longer seeing muscle gains & you are no longer seeing the reward of your fitness routine. A workout plateau is when your body becomes accustomed to the stress that you place on it when working out — your body can also become accustomed to certain caloric intakes! The reason behind most plateaus is lack of the proper knowledge to make the strategic modifications necessary to propel forward. Unfortunately, at this point, many people can become discouraged & quit — but, we are here to tell you that there is a way of passing the plateau.


Switch Up Your Exercise Routine : If you are constantly exhausting the same muscles, your body adjusts to the demands that your routine requires. Once your body adapts, its not likely you’ll see many benefits until you force your body to move in different ways. Industry leaders suggest switching up your exercise routine every two to five weeks.

Learn to follow the Principle of Progressive Overload, which states that to continue your body’s adaptation to exercise, the difficulty of the exercise must continually change. It’s science, after all!

2. Stop Training So Hard! : There is such a thing as overtraining. Signs of overtraining include muscle and joint pain, fatigue, an overall lack of energy, frequent illness & even headaches. Your body needs rest to rebuild and repair your muscles in order to achieve optimal results. It’s suggested to give your body a full week of rest after four to six weeks of intense workouts.

3. Pump It Up! : On the flip side, not training hard enough or skipping out on your workouts can also cause a workout plateau. A good rule of thumb here is —if a workout is not challenging you, it probably wont provide you with your desired results. In cases like this, its suggested to inject some energy into your routine with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training classes — really anything with an added cardio component is great!

In these instances, try to train harder not longer — i.e adding more weight & less reps.

4. Work With A Trainer : If all else fails or if you’d like to strategize specific fitness goals, schedule a session with a trainer. Trainers have a wealth of knowledge on new exercise techniques, how to improve your form, & they even hold you accountable to a workout schedule.

Even if you can’t workout with a trainer, consider adding a workout partner. A good partner can provide motivation, incentive, inspiration — and even a spot.

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