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We created Fitbox Method to be:

We developed our workouts to be short, effective 2-for-1 total body workouts that embrace the best elements of cardio boxing and resistance training through high-intensity interval training (HIIT), fitness boot camps, and circuit training. Our classes are fun and engaging, making cardio boxing the perfect element to add to your lifestyle.

The end result: 45-60 minute energetic workouts with a punch! The average person reaches a workout plateau within three months, but with cardio boxing the learning curve is endless. You will constantly feel stronger, more confident, and leaner.

Want to be excited about working out? Choose a sport for your fitness needs and create a LIFESTYLE. You will be more committed and motivated to stay on track! Fitbox Method uses sport (boxing) as one of its core training elements making it a LIFESTYLE WORKOUT.

Why these elements?

High-intensity interval training — According to the American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT training has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, abdominal fat and body weight, and insulin sensitivity. Moreover, HIIT tends to burn more calories than continuous endurance workouts. The “afterburn effect” known as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC) kicks in, continuing to burn calories up to 38 hours after the workout resulting in an average of 700-1000+ calories per class. We’ve combined the science of HIIT with boxing into a revolutionary workout.

Fitness boot camps — We love fitness boot camps because they are highly motivational and instructor-led. As with any fitness routine, it’s important to work out in a safe, controlled environment. Having an instructor teach you proper technique is essential. Meanwhile, many of us need that extra push to keep moving, keep sweating, and keep burning.

Circuit training — We also love circuit training for many reasons. It fits in perfectly with our HIIT philosophy where we move from periods of high-intensity training to periods of lower intensity training – and it’s fun. Moving through an always changing exercise circuit keeps your workout from getting boring or repetitive.

Cardio boxing — This is our passion. Boxing is well known for its total body conditioning benefits like increasing strength, agility, balance, confidence, coordination, and cardiorespiratory fitness. However, a lot of people shy away from traditional boxing gyms because of an emphasis on combat and fight mentality. We bring cardio boxing to the boutique fitness studio setting, completely eliminating contact. It’s all about moving the body to our total acoustic premium sound system in our studio filled with ambient light and pumping the heart with excitement and motivation.

Resistance Training — Our second passion that we couldn’t give up. If you exclusively do boxing for cardio, you’re actually burning muscle as well. Adding resistance training into our circuit allows you to achieve the perfect figure – the Holy Grail! You will burn FAT while you BUILD MUSCLE.

New local clients are eligible to schedule a FREE first class! * Equipment not included.

Some of Fitbox Method’s benefits include: