Commit To Your Health

Why Fitbox Method?

We created Fitbox Method to be:

  1. Fun: Friendly group setting and energetic atmosphere
  2. Effective: Burn calories up to 38 hours after the workout
  3. Motivating: Our instructors inspire you to push yourself

Fitbox is Method proven! All elements of our concept are backed by science and recommended as the most effective workout in the world. The only opponent you face is yourself, and our instructors will push you to succeed.

Our fitness curriculum centers on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), a cardiovascular exercise strategy that alternates between short bursts of intense cardio training and less-intense recovery periods. By combining HIIT with circuit training, we are able to provide different training elements that never feel repetitive.

Best of all, Fitbox Method makes working out fun. Your workout will become a LIFESTYLE. With a lifestyle workout, you become more committed because you will NEVER plateau. All levels welcome!

The Most Effective Lifestyle Workout Available

Simply put: you won’t find any better one-hour fitness workout. You will lose fat while also building lean muscle! The Fitbox Method is a 2-for-1 total body workout designed to create the ultimate body: a lean, toned physique similar to swimmers and fighters. Have fun burning calories!

Our studio is clean, modern, and fully equipped with Method-proven workout elements that will earn you the body you crave. Any of our 45-60 minute classes take you through a workout circuit composed of heavy boxing bags, dumbbells, medicine balls, and many more!

Take out your aggression in the most satisfying — and safe — manner there is cardio boxing. Find your inner strength and feel the adrenaline as you push your body to new limits. Most classes incorporate 15-30 minutes of heavy bag training and cardio boxing routines, allowing you to get the fitness benefits of boxing without the “getting hit” aspect of the sport. While other Miami gyms offer circuit training, ours is the only one to specialize in cardio boxing mixed in with boot camp style resistance training or HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

Rock Star Instructors

We’ve recruited the fitness industry’s best instructors to rock you through our classes. They have a wealth of personal knowledge and experience, and their energy is unstoppable. All instructors are hand-selected after a rigorous audition process. Only those with knowledge, personality, energy, and charisma make the cut.

Intimate Classes

We limit our class sizes so you have plenty of space, your own heavy bag, and access to circuit training equipment and weights. Each class is intimate while also being social and highly motivating.

We understand how busy you are, making it important to provide a fast, action-packed experience while also nurturing your soul. We help you escape for an hour, connect with your body, and connect with others who share a common goal.

There is a huge feeling of camaraderie in our studio – a culture we adopt and nurture!

Skills Progression – Avoid the Plateau

There’s always something new to learn, and new challenges to conquer. With the Fitbox Method, you’ll never get stuck. It’s the best way toward a lean, toned, and fit body.

The best way to find out why Fitbox Method is the most revolutionary workout ever created – and the most fun workout you’ll ever experience – is to take a class. New local clients are eligible to schedule a FREE first class! * Equipment not included.