November 28, 2018

Why People Stop Exercising

It isn’t hard to find the inspiration to workout. Type into any Google Search “motivational fitness quotes” and hundreds of pages will return citing platitudes such as “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” or “Your health is an investment not an expense.” But, while these quotes can oftentimes inspire you to hit the gym — or at the least, not eat another handful of potato chips — they often don’t provide you with enough motivation for you to lace up your sneakers, recommit to a healthy, sustainable workout plan & simply, get to the gym.

This leaves us with the question of why people stop exercising & even more so, what you can do to kickstart your fitness regimen in a way that will provide long term sustainability.

To start, we must first understand what the NUMBER ONE reason is that people quit the gym. This answer may seem obvious to most — including you. Answer: Time. There simply isn’t enough time to fit in a workout. And, according to a recent Huffington Post article, the hectic nature of life — was the number one reason polled by users.


So, how do you solve the issue of time when you can’t add another hour to an already 24 hour day? You change your mindset. Of course, there won’t be enough time if you don’t prioritize your health. In fact, a one hour workout is roughly only 4% of an average working adult’s day! Reflect on the last week, how many opportunities did you have to fit in a 60 minute sweat session where you chose to do something else? Analyzing how you spend your day can be a very effective way to identify times where you can optimize your personal health without sacrificing your financial or personal wealth. Think of your workout as a meeting with yourself — you wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your boss or a client. In the same way, your health is a reflection of your own investment in yourself.


Are you guilty of sneaking another bite when no one is looking? Or, do you have a secret Oreo stash in the house? It’s human nature to slip up or become lax when we aren’t held accountable for our actions.

A 2010 Stanford University study found that social support is immensely important — even in small doses — for those trying to commit to a new fitness program. Another NBCNews study found that 95% of those who started a weightless program with friends completed the program. The fact of the matter is that having a regular workout class or workout buddy is a great way to ensure that you will actually show up, work harder, learn new tricks and even burn more calories. In fact, you’ll burn on average, 41 more calories per session exercising with a plus one.

It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Why not commit to the next 21 days with your best girl or guy pal?


If you aren’t doing something that you love — or at least something that excites you, chances are — you will quit. How many times have you heard someone complain about the monotony of the treadmill or how much they loathe the Stairmaster? Too many times to count.

Luckily, you aren’t doomed to a #gymlife attached to a stationary track. There are more than one or two — or even ten ways to workout!

At Fitbox Method, we have created a fun, friendly group setting & energetic atmosphere. Not only that, but you won’t find any better one-hour fitness workout. You will lose fat while also building lean muscle due to our #MethodProven 2-for-1 total body workout. Our curriculum focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a cardiovascular exercise strategy that combines short bursts of intense cardio training and less-intense training recovery periods.

Your workout will become a LIFESTYLE & you will become more committed because you will NEVER plateau.

Fitbox Method is a lifestyle, hospitality-inspired Miami Boxing Gym that offers a free trial class to anyone interested in learning how to box, lose weight or commit to their ultimate health.


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