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Miami Fitness Gym with Boxing, Bootcamp, & Weightlifting Workouts

Experience the most revolutionary workout in the world! At Fitbox Method, the premier Miami fitness gym, our one-hour circuit training classes are a unique blend of instructor-led, non-contact cardio boxing and resistance training— achieve the ultimate physique!

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What Is Fitbox Method?

Fitbox Method is a new way to conquer a circuit training workout. Our system is designed to help you get in shape and achieve the body that you want fast. Our method offers a 2-for-1 workout that both burns and tones your total body, giving you a workout that helps you both lose weight and shape up. It is the most revolutionary workout you’ll ever experience!
Our fun and friendly circuit training classes are easier on the body than traditional weightlifting, yet our total body workout is second to none. As a Miami fitness gym, we blend cardio, cycling, weightlifting, boxing and resistance training through high-intensity interval training. Fitbox Method elevates your body’s metabolism, and creates “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” (EPOC) that helps you to burn more than 500 calories per class!
At Fitbox Method, we use several elements to help you get the most out of your workout. First, we use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that has been proven to improve cardiovascular health, high blood pressure, and to help you lose abdominal fat and overall body weight.
Next, we offer fitness boot camps led by highly motivated instructors to help you get pumped up and learn the proper techniques to perform exercises safely and efficiently. We also use circuit training in conjunction with HIIT to keep you moving and keep the fun going.
Our main focus and passion, however, is fitness. Fitbox Method’s combination of cardio, weightlifting, non-contact boxing and resistance training will help you burn fat and build muscle quickly. Our program conditions the entire body and helps you gain strength, agility, balance, and coordination in addition to added confidence. Our boutique Miami fitness gyms approach uses non-contact boxing and focuses on movement and motivation.

The Studio Inception Experience

Our studio is brand new and built to create a new experience! Every design element, from ambient lighting to our music system, works together to create a high energy environment where you’ll feel both empowered and comfortable.
We’ve created a boutique gym filled with state-of-the-art equipment like top-quality heavy bags, Airdyn Fan Bikes, and a friendly staff that can help both beginners and experienced athletes make the most of their experience at Fitbox Method.
In addition to top-of-the-line exercise machines and boxing equipment, you’ll also find professional-grade standard workout equipment, like dumbbells, medicine balls, jump ropes, and more.
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Want to try the most fun, most effective, 2-for-1 cardio and toning program in Miami today? New local clients are eligible to schedule a FREE first class! * Equipment not included. Experience one of our group personal training classes and find out why our unique combination of cardio boxing and resistance training has been named one of the top workout classes in Miami!

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2-for-1 total body workouts. Burn calories as you build lean muscle

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HIIT (high intensity interval training) Cardio Boxing & Strength Training 

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The most interactive, fun and effective LIFESTYLE WORKOUT in the world!

Small Group Training- Get the attention you deserve!

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High Energy Bootcamp Training

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Enjoy the music in a total acoustic studio.

Our Instructors — Rockstars of the Fitness Industry

At Fitbox Method, we pride ourselves on recruiting the best trainers for Weightlifting, Bootcamp, Boxing and General Fitness. All of our classes are led by instructors who know how to get the energy flowing and push motivation through your body while moving and grooving to their music playlist. Our instructors are well-known in the fitness world and committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

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Over 10,000+ 5 Star Review

Katia Jean-Baptiste
Katia Jean-Baptiste
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Friendly, helpful and clean studio. Corey is always welcoming and engaging. Eli - hands down one of the BEST coach. Also, I really enjoy Halliday's way of training.
Katty Escobar
Katty Escobar
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The Fitbox Method was an incredible experience! ... The workouts, ambiance and the whole team were exceptional I am now addicted and will continue in the Fitbox Method.
Roxette Miranda
Roxette Miranda
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I did the challenge and I'm hooked. Corey makes the experience happen right when you come in getting you hyped for class. All the instructors are amazing they each provide they're own style. Andres class is super challenging....