March 20, 2018

3 Ways Boxing Helps You Lose Weight Fast

If you’re looking for a high-intensity workout that burns calories and sculpts your body at the same time, then boxing is the workout for you. Check out the top three ways boxing helps you lose weight fast.

1. It’s a Serious Calorie Burner

Boxing is a high impact cardio workout that offers a significant calorie burn. Cardio boxing workouts burn more calories than other types of cardiovascular exercise. A typical boxing session can burn up to 1000 calories. When compared to other cardio stables such as walking (243 calories), jogging (398 calories) and running (544 calories), the calories burned by a session of boxing beats them all. If you’re looking to lose weight fast and reach your weight loss goals quicker, boxing workouts are for you.

2. Helps Burn Belly Fat

While boxing is a serious calorie burner, it is also very efficient in burning fat. The high-intensity nature of a boxing workout means it is very good at burning visceral fat, or the fat commonly found around the waist. All fat isn’t created equally, and belly fat is associated with toxins that change the way your body works leading to a higher risk of various diseases. Belly fat is associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers such as esophageal cancer, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. Boxing is a great way to reduce that visceral fat around your waist and help reduce the medical risks associated with it.

3. Works the Entire Body

It’s easy to get bored with a workout when there isn’t much variety in what you’re doing. Let’s face it, hopping on the treadmill day in and day out or going for a brisk walk along the same path can quickly become boring. Also, such workouts don’t give you the full body workout you need for optimal fitness and weight loss. A boxing workout works the entire body, getting all of your muscle groups involved to up the intensity of your workout and help you lose weight faster. With the constant punching of a speed bag, the shadow boxing, jumping rope and resistance training built into most boxing workouts, you won’t need to add much else to your daily exercise routine to achieve the results you want.